1964 Corvair Monza EV

Ride Height and Rub-a-dub-dub
Jul 09, 2021

So far my drives are limited to just around the block and that is for good reason: There is a lot of rubbing going on.

Here you can see the drivers axle appears to rub the a-arm. But what to do about this?

My first thought was that the car is sitting too low, due to the extra weight of the batteries in the front and back of the car. By my calculation, 150 lbs heavier than stock in the rear and 220 lbs heavier in the front (!). I can measure this and see that the car is nearly 1.5 inches lower than stock. I also notice a lot of negative camber in the rear - another sign the car is too low. I figure the coil springs are overloaded.

Knowing the 1964 Corvair had "lighter" coil springs than earlier years (due to it's use of a transverse spring), I ordered some coil springs for an earlier model Corvair, which would be stiffer and should raise the car (especially with the transverse spring still installed). Success! It did raise the car and correct the excessive negative camber! But it did not change the geometry of the axle and a-arm. Drat.

Aug 03, 2021 : Comment by: James H
Is the transmission/Diff mount sagging?

Aug 11, 2021 : Comment by: Eric M
James - kinda! Ended up raising the rear motor mount to correct the suspension geometry and that has fixed the rubbing.

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