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Jun 06, 2021

1964 Corvair Monza Spyder Instrument Cluster

Above is the instrument cluster in the Corvair at the time I got it. This was the most unfinished part of the car. What you see is the gauge cluster out of an early model Corvair Spyder, not the Monza, which is what this car is.

Here is what the gauge cluster SHOULD look like in a 1964 Corvair Monza:

1964 Corvair Monza Instrument Cluster

It is apparent why PO wanted to use a Corvair Spyder gauge cluster: More room for gauges - specifically an amp meter (where the manifold pressure gauge used to be), battery monitor (where head temperature used to go), and general status display (formerly reserved for the fuel gauge). You can also see a new flip switch where the keyed ignition switch used to live, as well as a switch to the far right and a button between the (former) ignition switch hole and fuel gauge hole. The speedometer is in the correct spot (although not the original speedometer) and there is a gaping hole where the tach used to live. Also, there is a light switch, but no provision for a wiper switch or the cigarette lighter.

What you are not seeing are the dozens of wires that have been routed to the new gauges, the wiper switch dangling behind the cluster somewhere (NOT grounded), along with all the bulbs that used to light up the old Monza cluster (also not grounded).

I was fortunate to figure out how to power on the car and also found some documentation on how to “program” some elements of the Curtis controller (with just that little red “menu” button) - so the cluster did work enough to get the car moving. Also, most all of the new wiring was labeled so thanks to the previous owner for that!

…but this was not going to work for me.

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